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BrightZebra Marketing exists to help female entrepreneurs with online businesses increase their sales by getting clear about their purpose, developing a rock-solid marketing strategy, and creating consistent content that connects.

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What's holding you back?

If you're feeling stuck in your business, finding it hard to grow, feeling confused about the next steps forward, and deathly afraid of failing, we know exactly what you need.

Attract more of your ideal audience.

Get to know your ideal audience on an intimate level so you can attract, reach, and engage them.

Learn to create content consistently.

Develop a framework that will help you create great content on a consistent basis.

Get focused on what to do next.

Stop wasting time trying to figure out marketing on your own and get the focus you need to grow.

Prioritize for greater impact and growth.

Understand exactly where you should spend your time and money to maximize business growth.

Come up with hundreds of content ideas in one sitting!

This free guide is perfect for you if you've ever felt stuck or out of ideas for what to post on Instagram next.

Get ready to:

  • Create more relatable, targeted content
  • Serve your audience on a deeper level
  • Come up with tons of content ideas to fill your content calendar
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"Ashley and Raechel know their stuff!! They are so knowledgeable but also approachable and empathetic when listening to their clients’ problems, no matter how big or small the company is! I have a very small business and they treated me like I was the most important client in the world. Could not recommend working with them more!"

Ali Figgat

"Having worked in marketing and communications for more than ten years, I was surprised by how enlightening and helpful the specific insights and suggestions offered by BrightZebra were. I've always understood the importance of catering to your audience's self-interests, but now I am so much better prepared to plan and create more valuable, strategic content to drive sales and grow our audiences. Ashley and Raechel are an absolute delight to work with!"

Hilarie Laukat Ashton
Aspire Her

"Sitting down with Ashley with BrightZebra Marketing for a brand audit was amazing! In just thirty minutes Ashley blew us away with information, tips and advice where our company is excelling and where it can improve on each social media site. Our meeting was well worth the time and the slide show and notes she prepared for us is solid gold! After our meeting with Ashley, my partner and I were fired up! We spent several hours applying the suggested changes and won't stop there! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us and taking our brand to the next level."

Morgan and Tiffaynee

"Raechel is terrific! I loved how she honed right in on the priorities that I need to be focusing on right now for improving marketing for my business. I liked her practical ideas. They were concise and straight to the point. So helpful and it was really easy to talk to her. So if you’re looking for somebody who can really help you take a great look at your business, your marketing, your branding, or your content creation, I would recommend these ladies to you!"

Bree Herbert
Bree Herbert Voiceover

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